Haier "Black Pearl", World's Smallest MP3 Phone?

While researching up companies from emerging markets I came across Haier and was pretty surprised to realize that Haier was in fact a Chinese company! Am I the only one surpised? Spent some half an hour reading up on the company through the usual suspects - google and wikipedia and am really beginning to respect this company. While looking through their various products, came across the "Black Pearl" (between, what an awesome name), perhaps the world's smallest cell phone and it looks awesome! Its shiny, looks great and has a whole host of features. (Check out the video, says it all).

Here are some additional pictures:

firsttoyou.com describes this product as "a lipstick case sized luxury phone". Its not a half-a$$ed phone but a fully functional phone and has the "conventional" head phone pin sized point. Features include MP3
, FM Stereo, BlueTooth, Voice Recorder and full color OLED display. (benefit of the last is generally, lower power consumption at the (great) expense of lifespan of the display).

Some other details from Haierelegance.com:

  • Up to 1.128GB Memory
  • Blue Tooth (for Black Pearl)
  • Games, Alarm, Calendar, Messaging, Calculator
  • 3D Full Color Display
  • USB 2.0 (really?) connectivity and charging
  • Holds over 250 songs

You can buy one here and then come and post back to me how you like it.

Meinhaj's Crystal Ball: This Black Pearl is going to be popular.

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